Want to find True and autentic love ?

I help independent and conscious people to attract the relationship they want, get confident and stay themself.

My goal is to reconnect men and women so we can love each other unconditionally.



– Do you sometimes say to yourself –

  “I’m not good enough”

“I have to change”

“If I say this it will end”

“I will never meet the one”

“Finding love is hard”

“There are no men available at my age”


Then you may be stuck in a limiting beliefs pattern.

Thoughts lead to emotions, behavior, actions/reaction, decisions and above all build our life.

What if you can change those which doesn’t serve you and built new ones that would lead you to happiness, peace & love ?


You’d like to :

  • Attract love in your life
  • Find and Be yourself

  • Be 100% confident

  • Manage your thoughts

  • Get over your ex

  • More joy, less overwhelmed

  • Know what you do want

  • Develop gratitude

  • Know what you need

  • Develop self-esteem




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Individual online and in Lutry session


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Fanny Gippa

Like many individuals who are actively looking for “happiness”, my awarness took place six years ago when I hit rock bottom after a breakup. After that, I begun an incessant quest in the pursuit of perfect happiness (or perfect me) and the meaning of my life. In the beginning I was seeking happiness mainly through…

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