Change your L.O.V.E. Story for good and meet a man who matches all your standards and beyond.


This 1:1 mentoring will help you change your love pattern and allow a deep, fulfilling, and inspirational relationship into your life.


Does this sound like you?


  • You have a successful career and you love your life.
  • You do just fine when it comes to mentoring other people in your zone of excellence, but your own love life is another story.
  • You are not looking for someone to fill an empty space in your life.
  • You have created the life you want and you love it.
  • You feel that the time is right to meet your soulmate and make space in your life for a beautiful relationship.
  • You wish you had someone to celebrate your successes with. But not just anyone. It has to be the ONE.
  • You have tried dating and your past relationship where fine, but now you want this relationship that matches your lifestyle.

Your  past has created your love pattern.

My mentoring is based on aligning 5 things to what you really want (and deserve now !).


  • Heal your past wounds.
  • Your thoughts (what you believe to be true).
  • Your feelings (your emotional response to your thoughts).
  • Your love behaviours (what you choose to do based on your thoughts and feelings).
  • and last but not least, your vibration.

 You will  realign your beliefs about love so that you can attract the kind of relationship you desire. It is not about “fixing” a “problem” or resolving deep-seated emotional issues. It is about changing your love pattern.


You will stop repeating old scripts and focus your energy on new ones.


If you are independent, happy, and self-aware, but…


…you also recognize that you need to change your love pattern, this  intimate 1:1 mentoring is for you.


Sounds like something you want ? 


I am ready now !


L.O.V.E. Stories :

S., paralegal, age 33 “F. and I are still together, and everything is absolutely PERFECT! When I heard the client testimonials on your podcast I was skeptical. I figured it probably worked for some people, but it seemed too good to be true. Now that I’ve taken the course, I can see that the transformation was just as huge for me as it was for them! So, yes, it works!”   C., teacher, age 56 “Fanny helped me look at my past and ask myself the right questions. Her valuable advice helped me change my beliefs and thoughts. I changed my love pattern and found a new relationship that felt natural and just flowed from the very beginning. I can just be myself. I don’t have to constantly adapt to the other person like in my previous relationships. THANK YOU, Fanny!!!”   A., business owner, age 34 “When I met Fanny a lot was in flux in my life. I was looking for a new job, starting a personal project, and moving in with my boyfriend. I was sure that all of these changes were necessary, but I was scared. And I had a lot of beliefs that were causing me to self-sabotage. Little by little, with Fanny’s help, I was able to identify these beliefs and change them. I now believe in myself and in my plans. I also believe that it is possible to have the things I want. I really did get results. I feel aligned in my new work environment and in my relationship. And when something does push me out of my comfort zone, I know how to transform the situation into something positive.”   L., lawyer, age 37 “Fanny, I hope you are doing well. I love seeing posts of your amazing life with Raphael on Instagram! I just wanted to let you know that things are going really well with T. We enjoy spending time together and he is definitely committed, which I like! What is amazing is that it is all happening exactly the way I would have wanted. And yet, I don't feel like I made any massive changes to get here.”   C., naturopath, age 44 “There was life before Fanny. And there is life after Fanny. So much has changed in just six months, all thanks to my ♥️ coach!   The process created some major shifts within me. I became much more self-aware and learned simple, effective tools I can now use in all areas of my life. And it works. Every time!!!   Above all, Fanny helped me reconnect with myself. She gave me the confidence I needed to show up authentically, to be myself authentic, to just be myself, to be happy, and glow ☀.️ I learned to love myself. And that is priceless!   I also met a wonderful man… The kind you don't believe exist… He gives me everything I have ever dreamed of, things I never dared dream of, and much, much more ✨♥️. A huge thank you, Fanny ♥️!”   L., coach, age 39 “I came to Fanny because I was tired of going from failed relationship to failed relationship. I had just broken it off with someone who was unavailable and I was ready to meet the right person. It took about a month for me to meet someone, and our relationship is going extremely well. We do so many things together. I never dreamed it could be this way. I had lost all hope. My ex even got back in touch with me to try to get back together. The main thing is that I love and have confidence in myself.”   A., business owner, age 29 “I reached out to Fanny because I was bouncing from one toxic relationship to another. I was feeling more and more insecure, and could no longer even imagine a relationship in my future, much less a happy one. As I worked through the course and did the exercises, my self-confidence came back and I even found talking to men easy! So, when I saw “him”, I went up to talk to him, of course! Everything fell into place very quickly and I am still happy with him!”   N., writer, age 42 “Hello ladies! And hello Fanny!   I still can’t believe it. With your help, I started to think more positively. And “he” sent me a message apologizing for not being around at exactly 12:51. Like 5 minutes after class ended! Truly amazing! Thank you, Fanny!   Have a great week, everyone!”   L., retail employee, age 35 “Well…it looks like the videos are working their magic! I met a guy just over two weeks ago. We had actually met once before, and he had gone out of his way to see me again. He's the kind of person I‘ve been waiting for: He is attentive, kind, reliable, and calm. He treats me like a queen and has already told me very clearly how he feels about me.”