I Help women get and build the LOVE LIFE they want


I truly believe we can all have an amazing love life, even if you feel like it’s never going to happen. We just have to reconnect and be aligned with our true self and rebuild men and women connexion.

  • You feel stuck in your love life ?
  • Tired of meeting people that don’t want to engage in a profound relation ?
  • You want to feel free to be yourself and stay yourself no mater what ?
  • You are afraid it won’t work again ?

But you still believe it’s possible for you…

I can help you change your love life the same way I’ve changed mine. Use to date people who I was not meant to be with, stayed single 7 years and went through painful breakup. I finally find my way through real and peaceful relation, found my way to myself.


“Change your Relationship Blueprint“ find the one with whom you build an amazing relationship with.


Program based on 3 principles:


  • Decide you are worth dating.
  • Meet men you want to date.
  • Make the relationship last.


We’ll start and cover topics depending on where you’re at.



Throughout  what we consider love “failures”, we lose our ability to be loved and even sometimes to love. Is it possible for me? Will I be alone all my life? Am I made for love? These are the questions we ask ourselves over and over.

  • Find out why nothing as worked so far.
  • Understand why you attract certain type of men / relationships.
  • Know how to value all aspects of your personality.
  • “Own the room”, navigate any event with 100% confidence in yourself, your charm and thinking “I am fabulous”.
  • Make a clean sweep on your old relationships and start new.
  • No longer compare yourself to other women.
  • Live your ideal life today.



We have lost the connection between human beings and are worried about talking to a man. He’ll think I’m desperate, I’m going to look silly, I don’t know what to say, he’s probably taken anyway. Are thoughts that block opportunities for dating. Sometimes we are quite confident during meetings but always come across men who do not commit. You will learn where to find men who are suitable for YOU and who are reliable.

  • Have the choice. Today you think you crush only with few, not to say one per year… and only few like you, we are going to reverse the trend.
  • Know where the Good men are hiding.
  • Attract the one you choose.
  • How to be ready for dates with my Pre-date exercise so that it is a moment of pleasure and not a moment of anxiety.
  • Master the interactions on Tinder & socials.
  • Use your network smartly so people send you naturally single men.
  • Develop courage in all the steps.
  • Stop date pleasing: Dare to say when you’re not interested.




Developing love skills is the key to a harmonious, healthy and long-term couple. We do not learn #how to couple“ which causes misunderstandings that lead to struggle, boredom and separation.

  • Stop sabotage the relationship – a word, an attitude can ruin the beginning of the relation. But why ? Why does that happen even when you know it ?
  • Create your ideal Love Blueprint
  • Loving integrity – or how to be yourself is the key to seduction.
  • Understand his behavior meaning – Recognize why he goes away, why he does not value you, why he does not write and how to change the dynamic.
  • Know when it is the right one – sometimes we are afraid of choosing the wrong one. Now once you have realigned yourself, there will be room for clarity, and you will simply know when it is the right one.
  • Differentiate between expectations VS fears – sometimes we expect a lot  in order to be certain of their value. And by constantly seeking these validations in him, you are constantly in doubt or on the lookout for a false step instead of being in the natural flow and spontaneity.
  • Knowing how to say no and bring the relationship closer together – over time, we adapt to others to make a place in this world and we tend to say yes, to please others constantly. Saying no, knowing what you want and don’t want, stand for it will guarantee you are respected by the other, and within yourself.
  • Emotional agility – knowing how to use all your emotions as a springboard for learning instead of being overwhelmed by them, for example when things don’t go the way you want, you just know what is coming up and how to fix it.
  • How to avoid boredom and constantly evolve as a couple.



Sounds like something you want ? contact me for a free consultation to talk about it.

Let’s go !



Podcast interview with Jamee Lee

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