You just need to realize you are perfect the way you are.


– Do you sometimes say to yourself –

  “I’m not good enough”

“I have no time”

“If I say this it will end”

“I will never meet the one”

“I should be happy”


Then you may be stuck in a limiting belief pattern.

Thoughts lead to emotions, behavior, actions/reaction, decisions and above all build our life.

What if you can change those which doesn’t serve you and built new ones that would lead you to happiness and peace?

You may be ready to let go of the “identifications” you have picked up along the way from a parent, society, a boss, a boyfriend or girlfriend, some stranger or even the meanie who lives inside your head and makes you think weird things that aren’t true.


You’d like to :

  • Find and Be yourself

  • Be 100% confident

  • Manage your thoughts

  • Attract new people in your life

  • More joy, less overwhelmed

  • Know what you do want

  • Develop gratitude

  • Know what you need

  • Develop self-esteem


As I travel a lot, I work exclusively online and created a monthly individual program through WhatsApp.


WhatsApp individual program

– Start when you want and where you want.

– Daily motivation through missions and feedbacks helping you to heal and create what you want.

Starts with an online individual session

One week Trial 100$



Individual online session

Online session just for you, work on your belief system, heal your wounds and attract what you want.


Pack 3 sessions  –  300$


One session  –  120$

Contact at hello@fannygippa.com

or +41/

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Fanny Gippa

Like many individuals who are actively looking for “happiness”, my awarness took place six years ago when I hit rock bottom after a breakup. After that, I begun an incessant quest in the pursuit of perfect happiness (or perfect me) and the meaning of my life. In the beginning I was seeking happiness mainly through…

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