Like many individuals who are actively looking for “happiness”, my awarness took place six years ago when I hit rock bottom after a breakup.
After that, I begun an incessant quest in the pursuit of perfect happiness (or perfect me) and the meaning of my life.
In the beginning I was seeking happiness mainly through external stimuliis rather through an inner journey, looking for the Right One, the Perfect Job or the Perfect Place to be.
Like everyone, I have experienced ups and downs, failures and successes, sorrows and joys to reach where I am.

I have come to the conclusion that happiness is the ability to attain serenity within the present moment: a peace which settles inside of us, a smooth and calm interior lake within us.

It is important to realize that life is like a journey. There will always be ups and downs, sorrows, losses andregrets. But there will always be successes, joys and happiness. All these emotions make us human. It is by welcoming these emotions and by being kind with ourself and others that it becomes easier to understand them, to learn how to manage them and to let go.

How to let go and develop emotional agility?

Realize that all the keys to achieving peace you already own. Every little choice that we make every day influence and shape our lives, if we can make them consciously based on what we truly deserve, life becomes lighter.

Listening to the stories we invent, believing the assumptions we make or follow the limiting beliefs that we have been dragging on for years has made us shrink emotionally.

When we are ready to explore deeply what we are, to open our wounds, to listen to us and to initiate real actions, change can occur quickly. We can choose to feel good and adapt the techinques to overcome new challenges as they appear, no matter how hard they may seem.

This awareness can put us back on the path we are destined for.

Only experience can validate it and mine confirms it: the solution is in us, really.

Awareness allowed me to work on myself and break negative recurring patterns, and to recognize and stop those patterns from reappearing. It also made me realize that I alone was responsible for this and for guiding my emotions.

We often have in mind this sentence: “I will begin to be happy when I have achieved a certain goal or when I’ll find the One …“ But no. Happiness is available immediately and it is already in each of us.

There is no magic potion: it is internal changes, awareness and hard work that makes the difference, along with the realization that we create our own reality.

The good news is that it is possible to learn to be happy again. It is up to you to take the first step and decide to take charge.

Once I allowed myself this change, everything became clear. I realized that I had the choice to evolve and be where I wanted and abundance appeared. My life since then flows in the direction that suits me.

I wanted to share my experience. As a professional coach, I want to help my clients to find inner peace and, above all, the happiness that is theirs.

The magic potion is already in you … just mix the ingredients well!


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