My name is Fanny Gippa, I have been an expert in romantic relationships since 2013. Creator of the podcast Change Your Lovers Scheme® and the training of the same name.

In 2010, at 27, I left everything. The country, my friends, a toxic relationship, my comfortable job that I no longer like, actually chosen out of spite. I’m leaving for the United States, Los Angeles, my dream.

From there I travel for 7 years. Paris, Sydney, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand… and then come back to Switzerland, my homeland that I had in a way fled all these years. In the process, I trained, I began to coach and took a liking to this fabulous profession that I have practiced at 150% for more than 5 years.

Love has always been a fascinating subject and above all a source of questions: Can we have a great relationship, a fulfilling relationship, or can we be fully ourselves, or everything is transparent and beautiful? My toxic relationships as well as 7 years of celibacy have led me to take the necessary path to understand the mechanisms and find a solution. After 10 years of training in coaching, NLP, energy healing, neuroscience, and the study of love, chess, travel, testing, I finally meet my ideal man at 35. Today we live in a fulfilling relationship based on sharing, as I have always dreamed of. I teach you how to meet YOUR ideal and have a wonderful relationship, because to me that is a teaching. Learn to love and let yourself be loved.


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