Two decades in the caring & wellness professions

More than 3,000 hours of individual coaching completed to date

2018 – Energy Healing – Geneva

2016 – Professional Coaching – Geneva

2013 – NLP Master Practitioner – Sydney

2012 – NLP Practitioner – Lausanne

2005 – Dental Hygienist – Geneva

Hi! I’m Fanny Gippa, and I have been helping people change their love pattern and create the relationships and lives of their dreams since 2013. I am the creator and host of the popular French dating and relationship podcast and course called Changez votre schéma amoureux® [Change your love pattern].

My journey started in 2010. I was 27 years old. I had always dreamed of moving to Los Angeles. So I did. I left my home and friends – as well as a toxic relationship and a “good” job that no longer resonated with me – behind. Destination: the United States! I ended up traveling the world for the next seven years, on an adventure that would take me to Paris, Sydney, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, and, finally, back to my native Switzerland. I was no longer running away. I was home.

I went back to school, became a coach, and have been practicing full-time for more than five years now. I am passionate about what I do and bring 100% of my energy to each coaching session.

Now let’s talk about love. One thing is certain: From fascination to frustration to fear, love elicits strong reactions. And raises a lot of questions. Where does love fit into dating? What about self-love? How do you give yourself to a meaningful relationship without losing yourself?

After a history of toxic relationships, I made the decision to stay single, embarking on a journey of personal development that would last seven years. During that time, I did the work necessary to understand the mechanisms that underpin these harmful attractions so that I could – finally – do something about it.

For a decade, I honed my coaching and energy healing practice and trained in NLP and neuroscience. I explored love, experienced failures, and overcame some of life’s inevitable tests. When I was 35, I met my soulmate. The vibrant, honest relationship we have built is very similar to the one I always dreamed of.

I believe that meeting your soulmate and building a beautiful relationship can be learned. My mission is to teach you how to change your love pattern – and your life! Learning to give and receive love is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


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